Marti and Maddi
adopted a family in Spanaway, WA
January 19, 2011
Savannah Males
F 7-A
Born Sept. 15, 2010
Banksy (a.k.a.Barkli) has a new
home in Arcata, CA
Tatum moved in with the Wilson family and is
best buddies with Hera.
Alfi moved to his new home in Evans  Mills, New York
on 1/21/2011
Burkli found a new home in the Chico/Durham area with the
Sehorn family!!!
Bogi is at home in Chico, CA with
Norma and his sister Bacall
Bacall has a home in Chico, CA
with Norma and her brother Bogi
Tilly is now living in Bandon, Oregon!
Molli is enjoying her new home in Brentwood,
with the Herreras,Oct 1
Miguel (now Louie) has a new home in Sarasota, FL!!!
Simon (now Stitch) has a new home with Rick and
Jessica in Colorado Springs!!!
Zane (new name:  Sakic) has
a new home in
Castle Rock, CO!!!  
Gig Harbor, WA on 9/10/11!
Miguel (now Louie) is at home with
his new family in Sarasota, FL 10/16/11
Zinnamon moved to Tacoma
with Fred and Kyle, 10/15/11
Siskiyou (Timmy) and Marli moved to
Cranberry Coast Cattery, Grayland, WA
Nov 2011
Melissa moved in with
the Warmans
in Coos Bay, OR!!!
Kooper has a new home
with Nathan & Kristin
in Seattle,11/18/11
Spinner and S'more have a new
home in Orland, CA !!
Nov 2011
Spinner (male)
S'more (female)
gone to her new
home in Tigard,
OR  12/29/11

gone to his new
Jefferson has home in
New Mexico.
Seymour (Mussen) and Mycah (Klaus) have a new
home in Minnesota.