Jake (a.k.a. Darbi) lives aboard ship in the LA Harbor these
Born on April 21, 2010,
Darbi (now Jake) was an  
affectionate fellow. We
knew he was destined to
live a pampered life!
Quite the snuggly one, Jake
now makes his home on his
very own cozy sailboat with his
crew, Harold and Ruthe.
Argh!  Litter boxes are for
Aye... The sea is the life for me!
Tuna for lunch?  Awesome!
No, I am NOT the catch of the day!!!
But it
is my 1st Birthday!
I'm thinkin' a Crab Cake would be nice!
And NO, I am NOT the parrot!
Just givin' my sea legs a wee rest.
I'll guard the lower deck!  YOU go up top!
Must you flash that light in my eyes?!?!
Ruthe, we're having tuna!  
You want some?
'Tis I,
Take-A-Break Jake!
Standing watch,
not my thing...
Napping?  I'm
all over it!
Ah, Hello!...Still waitin' for my
Crab Cake... : /`
What?  You say the parrot's gone?
tight ship!