Cheetoh Breed Information
Cheetohs are a hybrid cat created from the most desirable attributes of specific
Bengal and Ocicat bloodlines to produce a very large, very wild looking,
intensely spotted, gentle and social companion.  Every domestic cat began as a
hybrid, a mix, before it was officially established as a breed of its own. This takes
time, research and intense commitment to the breed to insure a strict
adherence to the new breed standards. Cheetohs are registered with the United
Feline Organization and we are diligently working towards having TICA
recognize this ideal new breed.  This has never been an easy task but every time
a new breed is created they must follow stringent procedures. We are
committed to the future of this beautiful animal. Females can grow up to 15
pounds and males can top 20 pounds! Cubs go to their new homes completely
litter box trained and people and pet friendly!  

We raise family companions for discerning owners . Our Cheetoh cubs are raised
as members of the family and have sweet, trustworthy, puppy dog personalities
with the wild, fierce look of a jungle cat. They are wonderful with children of all
ages and other pets. They love to travel  as ours are born and raised in our
semi-truck traveling all across the United States.

These living room leopards love lounging in your lap!