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The Cheetohs have an interesting history.    In
2001, a cat breeder toyed with the idea of
developing a new hybrid house pet by crossing the
Bengal and the Ocicat breeds.  In approximately
2005, she began supervising other breeders as
they bred the CHEETOH.  Some of the early history
can be found under the heading of Breeders at

The first Bengal housecat was bred by Jean Sugden Mill in the late 1960s.  She bred a female Asian Leopard Cat (Felis
Bengalensis), named Maylaysia, to a black domestic shorthair male which resulted in the first Bengal. Various domestic
shorthairs, such as the Egyptian Mau, were used in the later development of the Bengal breed.  Jean Mill was involved
with a lot of breeding projects over the years and in 1980 she got involved with Dr. Willard Centerwall of Loma Linda
University who had been involved with a research project involving the Asia Leopard Cat, domestic cats and the study of
Feline Leukemia. In the 1980s Jean Mill and several interested cat breeders made a concerted effort to develop that
which is the Bengal cat today.  For more information, there is a detailed history by Jean at www.millwoodbengals.net and
go to the MILESTONES@MILLWOOD (http://millwoodbengals.net/history/millhist.htm)
Egyptian Mau
The OCICAT, as well, came about by accident.   For all of its
dramatic appearance and obvious appeal, we might not have
had the Ocicat today but for several experimental breeds in
1965 by Virginia Daly, owner of Cats of Dalai, that were
intended to produce a different outcome.  One of the matings
between a pedigree Abyssinian and a Seal Point Siamese,
produced a total surprise:  an exquisite kitten with bright
golden spots on an ivory background. This was Tonga, the
original Ocicat. Although Tonga was sold as a pet with a
neutering agreement, other spotted Ocicats were produced
through subsequent mating of Tonga’s sire and dam and
other relatives that formed the foundation of the Dalai Ocicat
breeding program.
Asian Leopard Cat
Seal Point Siamese  
The CHEETOH is the newest domestic
hybrid cat, utilizing very specific hybrid
cat, utilizing very specific bloodlines of
the Bengal cat and the Ocicat breeds.
The Cheetoh was first researched and
developed by Carol Drymon of Wind
Haven Exotics in 2001 Haven in 2003.
Subsequently, other qualified breeders
throughout the United States were
invited to participate in the Cheetoh
breeding program. This program is
based on very specific breed
standards and a 5 year breeding plan
that was several
Cheetoh - Taz of Tiffany Cheetohs
times an incredibly social and loving cat, seldom
aggressive or standoffish behavior.  They have
an which is the reason they are so adept at
keeping themselves and their human
companions entertained.   The Cheetoh cat is
also extremely intelligent and curious, often
showing a very The Cheetoh, though fierce in
appearance, is at all unfeline sense of humor.

The Cheetoh Cat is now a recognized breed and
registered with the United Feline Organization
(UFO). The Cheetoh Cat is also recognized by
TICA - The International Cat Association - as an
Experimental New Breed.
Cheetoh - Kramer of Tiffany Cheetohs
The Cheetoh cat incorporates the
distinctive characteristics of both the
unique attributes. These include
extremely large size for a domestic cat,
unsurpassed gentleness of character,
and the wild look that can otherwise
only be found in the jungles.
be trusted around anyone, especially children.  

Development of the New Hybrid Cheetoh Breed
The original Cheetohs were developed using only the bloodlines of the standard
breed Bengals from the Gogees and Millwood catteries and standard breed
Ocicats from the Dalai, Auxarcs, Calocikats, and Wind Haven Exotics catteries.   
Foundation Cats (referred to as F-1 through F-5) are the first five generations,
considered the protocol, for developing a new breed.  The sixth generation is
considered a “standard breed cat” (SBT), recognized by TICA and UFO.   Only
SBT cats can be shown and compete in Cat Shows as representing the cat
Foundation levels of  the Cheetoh cat: are as follows:
F-1 Cheetoh is a cross between the specifically defined bloodlines identified in
the The Cheetoh Cat Breed Standards:  Gogees and Millwood Bengals and  
Dalai, Auxarcs, Calocikats, and Wind Haven Ocicats.
F-2 Cheetoh is a cross between a Bengal and an F-1 Cheetoh
F-3 Cheetoh can be a cross between a Cheetoh and a Cheetoh  OR
F-3 Cheetoh can be a cross between a Cheetoh and an Ocicat

F-4 Cheetoh is a cross between a Cheetoh and a Cheetoh
F-5 Cheetoh is a cross between Cheetoh and a Cheetoh
A Standard Breed Cat (SBT) is a cross between a Female F-5 Cheetoh and a
Cheetoh male  

Prepared by:
Roger Baker, Breeder, and Leslie Nix-Baker
Tiffany Cheetohs Cattery
Tiffany HC
Lakeside, Oregon, USA

November 2011