Samantha is Deaf so Needs a Special Home
Wonderpet Samantha of Tiffany
Black Spotted Silver
Cheetoh Spayed  Female  
Born 5/2/2007

Tiffany Timothy McGee of
Savannah F-7C
Intact Male Born 8/27/2011
Has a new home in Butte
Falls, OR

Tiffany Baby Bear
Melanistic  (Black Spotted Black)
Savannah  Intact Male
Born 9/7/2016
Turke has a new home in Puyallup!

Turke, Male F5 Savannah

Tiffany Kirbi 2   
Intact Male
Born 2/17/18

Kirbi may have a new home soon

Macie Gray of Tiffany
Charcoal Spotted Blue Tabby  
Cheetoh F4 Spayed Female
Daughter of Kleo and Taz
Born 2/12/2009
Macie will have a new home soon